Our youth workshops are a great source of information. We help youth learn from their own experiences through acting sharing stories, critiquing media and having a say in their learning. Youth gain knowledge, opportunities to express themselves, and confidence in advocating for their health needs.

We base our workshop costs on a sliding scale. Contact us and we’ll be sure to work with you to provide an amazing, tailored workshop for your organization!

HIFY provides the following workshops (upon request):

  • STI’s/Safer Sex
  • Substance Use
  • Doctors, Clinics, and Testing
  • Anti-Homophobia
  • Body Image
  • Self Esteem
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Pregnancy and Parenting
  • Training of Trainers

STI’s/Safer Sex
Safe, fun and consensual is the motto! Youth learn about STI, prevention, and treatment: along with how to use, barriers, and ways to stay STI free.

  • To get a working understanding of what positive sexuality is and how it helps us make healthy choices about sex.
  • To explore common STIs, their symptoms, and ways to stay safe.
  • To learn about birth control/contraceptive options and practice with barrier methods.

Youth learn what HIV/AIDS is, and details about getting tested. We use role playing and games to practice how to state our status and stay positive whether we are positive or not.

  • What HIV and AIDS stand for; difference between the two.
  • How HIV is treated.
  • How to reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV, including shattering Myths, and practicing safer behaviors including condom use.

Sub Use
Using the harm reduction tools, we talk about different drugs: and their history, and give youth a chance to learn from their own experiences with substances in their lives.

  • Discuss honest, factual information about drugs and their effects.
  • Promote informed decision making (safer sex).
  • Introduce Harm Reduction Principals.

Doctors, Clinics, and Testing
Youth will learn how to go to the doctor and what goes on during a physical exam. They will also get to know human anatomy, as well as how to advocate for their own health rights.

  • Male and Female Anatomy, and how to do self exams.
  • Legal rights when getting health care and how to advocate for yourself at the Doctor.
  • What to expect from different health exams.
  • Resources.

How to be allies, what oppression is, an overview of LGBT2SQIQ meaning, and how homophobia affects heterosexual youth.

  • Learn about the communities represented in the LGBTQIQ2SA acronym
  • Practice breaking down homophobia into three levels
  • Discover how to be an alley

Body Image
We explore the many ways healthy bodies look, Give facts, information, and learn how to counter negative media messages.

  • Engage participants to realize that body image is an issue that affects everyone and intersects with issues of racism, sexism, able-ism, and other forms of oppression.
  • Explain that healthy body image and good general health are interdependent.
  • Affirm everyone’s beautiful bodies/ build skills for self-acceptance and support of each other.

Self Esteem
Youth learn our way on how to Acknowledgement of ourselves. How the world makes us feel, and how media makes us feel and how to love ourselves better.

  • External forces that can affect one’s self esteem.
  • Connection between self esteem and Healthy behaviors.
  • Concrete ways young people can cope when their self esteem is challenged.

Healthy Relationships
Here we talk about what youth want to hear like: Different types of relationships, gender roles, what to look for in a partner, and how power works in relationships.

  • Identify types of relationships
  • Explore what makes a relationship healthy
  • Understand the importance of clear communication

Pregnancy and parenting
In this workshop youth learn about pregnancy, choice making, values, and a variation of things from being pregnant to having a baby.

  • Learn the options they have for an unplanned pregnancy
  • Know the various experiences in various pregnancies
  • Walk away with ways to make pregnancy a great experience
  • Understand the process of going into labor

We also give:

TOT training of trainers
Requested workshops for youth leaders, peer educators, other facilitators on; Facilitation skills, how to deal with different groups and people, building curricula, and using games to teach

  • Practice giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Strengthen facilitation skills
  • Explore using popular education and games to make workshop more exciting!

We can also put any two together. Everything is upon request.
To request any of the workshops above contact us 415.274.1970 x0024