HIFY produces innovative publications for both youth and the adults who work with them.

Our pamphlets are primarily for our workshops and trainings, but you can also find them wherever we table or do outreach. Unfortunately, we don’t take orders for our pamphlets, however, you can come into the office and pick a few up! (Depending on availability)


Our current series of pamphlets covers 5 topics in both English and Spanish:

  • Know What You Do: Substance Use
    Sabe Lo Que Haces: Consumo De Sustancias
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): What you need to Know
    Infecciones de Transmisión Sexual (ITSS): Lo Que Necesitas Saber
  • What’s in it for Me? Young Men’s Health Exams
    Por Qué Me Conveniene? Citas Médicas Para Muchachos
  • What’s in it for Me? Young Women’s Health Exams
    Por Qué Me Conveniene? Citas Médicas Para Muchachas
  • HIV/AIDS: Just the Facts
    El VIH y SIDA: Solo Los Hechos

Also, remember to Check our Bookshelves! HIFY has an extensive library with books covering all of the health topics that we explore in our workshops and trainings. If you’re looking to delve deeper into your health inquiries check out our shelves and let us know if you want to borrow any books or DVDs.