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If you are ages 18—24 and interested in joining FABULOUS!, please contact us at and we will tell you know what comes next! Be sure to include a little bit about yourself, including where you stay, so we can connect you with the FABULOUS group that’s closest to you. We are always looking for community partners, so if you are an organization that might be interested in hosting FABULOUS! at your venue, let us know! Either fill out the contact form below, or email Alexander Cotton at or Zoe Lehman at For more than ten years, HIFY has been providing trainings, youth workshops, cutting-edge health publications, youth events, public advocacy and leadership training FREE OF CHARGE to the youth and small nonprofit agencies who can most benefit from our work. While we have implemented fees on our provider trainings and resource materials, they are on a sliding scale so they are accessbile to community agencies. In order to do all of this, we need your help.