What is Aptos TEACH?

TEACH (Tigers Educating and Advocating for Campus Health) is a new peer education program being launched at Aptos Middle School by HIFY (Health Initiatives For Youth). HIFY has a strong history of developing youth leaders and training high quality peer educators. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to connect with one campus on a more long-term project, and appreciate Aptos welcoming us!

The program’s purpose is to develop and present workshops in classrooms about health issues that are relevant to the Aptos campus. TEACHers will be trained in public speaking, workshop facilitation, health education and more! The peers will also be responsible for providing health outreach to other youth at Aptos and working with counseling staff to assess health needs and find resources.
As TEACHers, students will:

  • Investigate health issues/concerns on campus and available resources
  • Participate in facilitation, curriculum development, and health education skills building
  • Develop interactive classroom presentations to address what the team identifies as the “Top 3” health priorities
  • Present these workshops in classrooms like yours during the Spring semester
  • Create an original piece of media on these health topics for the larger Aptos faculty to utilize
  • Work closely with Aptos faculty to analyze the program’s impact on the school

Aptos’ peer educators will participate in a 8 month program. The team will participate in weekly meetings and present workshops. One workshop sets the foundations and the other takes it a step further.

  1. Overcoming Bullying One Step at a Time
  2. Speak Up to Bullying
  3. Drug, Alcohol, and Addiction- it’s Your Decision
  4. Drug & Alcohol TEACHers
  5. Break Ups and Make Ups

TEACHers are HIFY employees and will receive a stipend for their time and commitment.

We can’t wait to see what workshops the youth will develop! Keep coming back and we’ll update you on our progress.

Thank you for supporting Aptos TEACHers!