Expanded Learning Program at McClymonds High School in Oakland

“McClymonds After School From Programs to Holidays”

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  • Student must be currently enrolled at McClymonds High School

Expanded Learning Programs:

Healthy Relationships
This program provides information about negotiation, safer decision making and making healthy choices. Youth can receive up to $160 in gift cards for participating.

Best Buy Teen Tech Center
Music studio, social media creation, film and photography. Youth can record, produce, film and edit a digital project with the latest tech equipment.

Academic Tutoring
Students have the opportunity to complete their homework, catch up on classwork, and study for exams with the support of tutors.

Youth TV
A performance and multi-media group that will create a weekly web series on YouTube that will elevate youth voice on the topics and issues of interest.  Youth will learn to operate camera equipment, edit film and photography, manage and coordinate a production.  Youth can perform and be recognized for their talent and artistic abilities as a professional artist, and learn techniques to become stronger singers, dances and or actors.

Multi-Media Arts
Students will explore their inner artist using paint, watercolors, charcoal, collage and other media. They will practice several styles such as realism and expressionism art.

Little or no experience?  All students are welcome to our tennis program.  This tennis program is an opportunity to be active, learn new skills and socialize.  Tennis rackets and balls are provided during the practice session.

Young Women’s Group and Young Men’s Group
Social emotional groups can feel very supportive and liberating when amongst people with shared identity.  These gender-based groups provide space to talk about sensitive topics with people who have shared experiences.

Community Health & Life Skills
Want to be self-sufficient, independent and empowered? Join this group for practical life skills to make that dollar stretch, keep your vehicle running smooth, feed yourself and your loved ones.

Get real work experience at various organizations. A semester-long internship could turn into a life-long career.

Peer Leadership
Make a difference on campus and in the community through this paid job opportunity.  Youth must apply and ten (10) will be selected each semester

Family Advocacy
Workshops provided for parents & families to create stronger communication, foster strength, healthy living, and overall well-being in support of student success.

Stay tuned for Fall 2020 schedule!

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